Solutions for Specialty Labs

Advanced enterprise interoperability expertise for the unique data requirements of specialized testing

Building on 20 years of innovation, ELLKAY has streamlined and scaled cutting-edge interoperability solutions for every type of healthcare data. Our secure platform goes above and beyond HL7 interfaces to provide the comprehensive and complex clinical and medical necessity data payers require to reimburse esoteric testing.

Support for Specialty Practices

Intuitive ordering across specialties—including advanced body-mapping and imaging technology for anatomic pathology specialties—reduces the time your clinicians have to spend on lab orders.

Interoperability for Advanced Data

ELLKAY supports complex, niche testing requirements, specializing in end-to-end solutions for molecular, genomics and other specialty testing that require data that isn’t always available through an HL7 interface.

Consolidate Patient Records

Avoid repeat tests and delayed, denied, or partially paid claims with complete demographic and claims data and one unified record per patient.

Manage, Maintain, and Cross-reference Test and Insurance Codes

Improve efficiency and first-submission claims approval with up-to-date insurance codes and test code compendiums.

Streamline Accessioning

Eliminate expensive, time-consuming, error-prone manual processes with electronic orders and instrument-ready barcodes.

Automate Results

Results interfaces with EHRs, provider and patient results portals, and other approved recipients significantly cut time spent on inbound calls.

Reimbursements for Every Test

Submit claims with the comprehensive, detailed clinical data needed to support medical necessity for esoteric testing.

Scalable to Support Business Goals

Scalable solutions improve organizational efficiency and increase throughput to support outreach, expansion, and growth.

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