One Platform to Orchestrate ALL your Interoperability

Healthcare Data on Demand  

The LKOpera Platform orchestrates enterprise interoperability and healthcare data management across the healthcare continuum.

Connectivity to support:

  • Standards-based, bi-directional connectivity - including FHIR
  • Value-based care, streamlined data collection, and interoperability compliance for health plans
  • Digital transformation, data aggregation, and internal & external interface management for hospitals & health systems
  • Automated clinical data access to support laboratory claims and clinical research 

Hospitals & Health Systems

LKOpera simplifies, centralizes, and expedites connectivity across the healthcare ecosystems, supporting a holistic data management strategy. 

With ELLKAY as a strategic partner to facilitate digital transformation, data aggregation, and internal and external interface management, health systems can plan for a future-focused, centralized data strategy that drives growth while cutting costs.

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LKOpera for Hospitals

Health Plans

Leverage an enterprise solution that supports the exchange of all types of data, seamlessly connecting payers and providers, and positioning payers to comply with CMS’s final interoperability mandates.

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LKOpera for Payers

Digital Health Vendors

Managed services that help our partners scale faster. LKOpera facilitates bi-directional, standards-based connectivity to hundreds of sources, transforms and delivers discrete and actionable data, and provides results-oriented, tailored solutions to achieve the unique connectivity goals of our diverse clients.

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LKOpera for Digital Health


Access data to support medical necessity and prior-authorization without the need to call the physician practice or hospital.

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LKOpera for Laboratories

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