Decommission Legacy Claims Management Systems

Increase Efficiency in Your Claims Management System Without Losing Access to Legacy Data

Over time, data stored in your claims management system can grow rapidly, impacting both performance and efficiency. Viewing data that was archived within your system is often cumbersome, requiring lengthy restores to access the details.

When you’re ready to upgrade your claim adjudication system, ELLKAY ensures your data stays safe, secure, and accessible.

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Improve the Health of Current Systems 

When Claims Management Systems are overloaded with data, system health and performance can suffer. Move historical data out of the system and into an easily accessible data archive. 

Enhance Workflow with Viewable Data Access 

View legacy claim adjudication data without needing to perform lengthy restores. Data is immediately available in a safe, secure, cloud-based solution. 

Comply with Retention Policies

Easily meet data retention requirements and implement a long-term solution for data archiving needs. LKArchive is HITRUST-certified, HIPAA compliant, and pen-tested to ensure data safety & security.

Partner with Experience 

ELLKAY has migrated and archived data from 380+ healthcare applications. Our proven migration and archiving methodologies and strategic EHR vendor partnerships make for a seamless and stress-free transition. 

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