Transform and Expose Data through HL7 FHIR

FHIR APIs to Access Any EHR Data

The healthcare industry has adopted many formats over the years, and HL7 FHIR represents a huge leap forward in the modernization of healthcare data exchange formats. However, as we continue to innovate as in industry, not all companies are adopting the latest and greatest at the same speed.

Inconsistent formats across disparate applications should not hinder you from sharing and collecting the data you need to provide the best solutions to your clients. ELLKAY makes it simple to access data across all formats, transforming and mapping data to your specifications.

Data Transformation through FHIR


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Our dedicated teams are committed to your success.

Planning is key to the success of any project. ELLKAY’s proven methodologies and collaborative processes allow us to provide innovative, scalable solutions and services with speed, accuracy, and consistency. 

Managed Services & Expertise

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    We connect with you and your clients to define set project expectations and timelines.

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    We establish connectivity and build your integration based on your specifications.

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    We work with you to validate your data format, content, and data mapping.

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    ELLKAY fuels your healthcare applications with real-time bi-directional connectivity to actionable healthcare data.

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    After the transition, ELLKAY provides ongoing assistance for continued interoperability.

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