Infectious Disease Reporting

Automated Results - from Any Lab to Any State ELR

The LKOrbit Platform supports comprehensive patient data collection at the time of order entry, including demographics and CARES Act data. Working with public health agencies to understand and support their reporting guidelines and ELR specifications, ELLKAY ensures fast, accurate and complete submissions on reportable infectious diseases.

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Fastest Deployment in the Industry

ELLKAY works with your team to set up interfaces to any ELR for result reporting to any city, county, or state database.

Single-Endpoint Connectivity

Easily meet formatting and data requirements for all health agencies when reporting infections disease data. With one secure connectivity endpoint in the laboratory’s LIS specifications, ELLKAY supports interoperability with each state ELR.

Flexible, Automated Results Delivery

Flexible connectivity options with state health department ELRs allows both batch delivery of multiple results and single real-time delivery of results in the ELR-specified format.

Decrease Delivery Time for Public Health Agencies to Receive Valuable Patient Data

Streamline registration-through-results processes to ensure health agencies receive results quickly with clean, accurate patient data.

Built on Experience in all US States and Territories

With experience automating ELR to LIS connectivity across the country, we can enable infectious disease results delivery quickly in all US states and territories.

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