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Optimize Research with Real-World Data

Enhancing clinical trial data with patient condition, care and outcome data is key to the complex analyses needed to maximize research and drive healthcare innovation. To meet the need for accessible, high-quality real-world evidence, ELLKAY’s advanced interoperability platform delivers connectivity across the healthcare landscape for your clients. 

As healthcare data experts, we know what to look for and how to find it. Our platform helps you drive actionable insights and increase the speed of progress with project-specific, de-identified patient data from any application, in any format.

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ELLKAY makes pulling the data look easy, you’ve got the easy button and we want to be able to push it when we need to. ELLKAY has a product we believe in, and I can’t foresee us not continuing this relationship in the future.

Jesse Adajian, Assistant Director of Interoperability, Women's Health USA

Get the Exact Data You Need 

Eliminate expensive, time-consuming manual data hunts with an electronic feed of meaningful, high-quality, project-specific clinical and claims data, including periodic updates with delta changes.  

Connect to Any Clinical Application  

Establishing connectivity to healthcare applications is expensive and difficult. Our connections to hundreds of disparate data sources give your clients cost-effective access to specific data elements for thousands of patients across providers and platforms.

Access Standardized Data in Any Format  

Add value to your solution with structured and unstructured patient data normalized and customized to whatever format the client needs, without diverting resources from innovating your application.

Any number of Sources and Any Amount of Data

As an extension of your IT team, our streamlined methodologies give you connectivity across any number of healthcare applications to help you accurately identify and extract data based on client requirements - at scale. 

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