Powerful, Easy-to-Use Interface Infrastructure and Management

Simple, Secure Orders and Results Interfaces 

Simplify your laboratory workflow and increase efficiency. LKTransfer is the industry-leading solution for interface infrastructure and management. 

Feature-rich and cost-effective, it eliminates the need to manage expensive VPN connections, inconsistent HL7 formats, or idiosyncratic EHR interface requirements while significantly increases the speed of implementation and management for installing and supporting all interfaces.

LKTransfer interface infrastructure




EHRs Connected


Laboratories Connected


Transactions Daily

No Advanced IT Expertise Required

Securely transfer all orders and results between your lab and practice clients with a powerful and easy tool that simplifies EHR interface setup, deployment, testing, and support.

Centralized Dashboard with Full Remote Management

Conveniently create, manage, and track your interfaces from any browser.

Remote Control of Interfaces
  • Create & monitor Interfaces
  • Built-in scheduler to define days, times, and frequency of data transfers
  • Edit Account Configurations
  • Start, Pause, or Stop Interfaces
  • Files & Format Processing
  • Configure Alerts

No VPN Hassles

LKTransfer uses secure web services to facilitate orders and results delivery.

Flexible Data Delivery
  • FTP
  • TCP/IP
  • MLLP
  • Printer drop-off
  • Delivery of files into a folder


Enhance your lab ordering platform with an advanced module that enables automatic printing of laboratory-customized requisitions at the practice when an electronic order is created.

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LKCloud Print automated requisition printing

Key Features

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    Advanced monitoring 
  • image description
    ABN printing
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    Remote control of interfaces
  • image description
    Utilization reporting
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    Statistical reporting
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    Single-Point LIS connectivity
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    Intelligent alerts
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    Instant notifications
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    Master Pickup & delivery channels
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    Scalable to accommodate any lab size
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    Extensible developer frameworks
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    Automated requisition printing

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    We meet with your team to understand and confirm your scope

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    Our experts gather your information to ensure we meet your needs

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    We identify the best method to get you connected

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    We build your integration based on your specifications

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    Validate & Go-Live

    We work with your team to validate data and testing connectivity, then you go live!

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    Endless Possibilities!

    Integrate with additional solutions | connect to hundreds of EMRs and labs | automate state reporting

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