ELLKAY + Babson Diagnostics Laboratories Partnership Announcement


AUSTIN, TXJuly 01, 2024 /BUSINESS WIRE/ Babson Diagnostics, a science-first healthcare technology company, today announced that it will use ELLKAY’s leading lab-ordering solution to make it easy for clinicians to order BetterWay™ blood testing. The partnership marks a significant milestone in Babson’s commitment to support clinicians in delivering a better patient experience and improving adherence to essential testing.

Since 2002, ELLKAY has been the leading laboratory partner for ordering and results interfaces, clinical data access, electronic health record integration, and more. ELLKAY’s clinician portal, known as LKCareEvolve, is an integrated ordering solution that directly connects with electronic health record platforms. Clinicians can now use the secure portal to order Babson’s new BetterWay blood testing service and receive test results.

“We are excited to partner with ELLKAY, which brings a wealth of expertise that perfectly complements Babson’s mission to reimagine blood testing,” said Tony Jones, vice president of clinician relations at Babson Diagnostics. “We know that many patients skip important testing due to fear, discomfort and difficult veins. With BetterWay we are now giving clinicians a medically equivalent alternative to traditional blood testing methods to offer their patients.”

BetterWay makes blood testing easier and more accessible by using only a pea-sized amount of blood to produce medically accurate results clinicians and patients can trust. BetterWay unites Babson’s proprietary automated sample-handling and analytical technologies with a novel blood collection device developed in partnership with BD (Beckton, Dickinson and Co.). The BD MiniDraw™ Capillary Blood Collection System is less invasive than a traditional blood draw, obtaining blood samples from the tip of the finger without the need for a phlebotomist to draw tubes of blood from a vein.

BetterWay’s innovations expand access to diagnostic testing to more convenient locations, such as retail pharmacies. The BetterWay test menu was created specifically to support primary care and family medicine, offering commonly ordered tests for annual wellness exams, chronic condition management, and screenings.

“We place a strong emphasis on innovation, connectivity solutions, efficiency, and addressing intricate interoperability challenges,” said Ajay Kapare, ELLKAY’s president and chief strategy officer. “When combined with Babson’s dedication to enhancing health and the patient’s full care journey, this partnership promises to have a significant impact.”

By integrating with CareEvolve, Babson offers clinicians a simple, familiar process for computerized order entry and secure access to test results that is compatible with smartphones and tablets. As part of the launch of BetterWay in Texas, Babson is partnering with medical practices in Austin and San Antonio to deliver a better testing experience that can help patients adhere to their routine blood testing more easily.

About Babson Diagnostics:

Babson Diagnostics is a science-first healthcare technology company reimagining the entire diagnostic blood testing experience. Babson's mission is to make routine blood testing less invasive, more convenient, and affordable, empowering people to take charge of their health. Based in Austin, Babson is led by individuals with deep experience in healthcare, diagnostics, engineering, and laboratory technologies. The company is named in honor of Art Babson, whose legacy of scientific innovation and excellence is the foundation on which the company is built. For more information, visit


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