ELLKAY Launches "LKHIVE" An Initiative To Amplify Budding Healthcare IT Innovators

ELMWOOD PARK, N.J.Nov. 19, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- ELLKAY, LLC, a leader in healthcare connectivity for over 18 years, is introducing a platform to bring the ideas of budding entrepreneurs to light. LKHIVE (Healthcare Innovators Visionaries and Entrepreneurs) is a program designed for healthcare IT entrepreneurs to share their healthcare technology ideas, concepts, or solutions in a space that can help them develop or market those products while also benefiting from mentorship and networking opportunities from leading industry experts, including ELLKAY's CIO and LKHIVE champion Marc Probst.

ELLKAY's Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer Ajay Kapare said, "Healthcare is a unique market. Collaboration is the key to success and productive growth. At ELLKAY, we are very excited about this opportunity to invest in healthcare innovation that is in alignment with ELLKAY's mission, engage and help those entrepreneurs, and help them bring their ideas both to life and to the market."

ELLKAY's founders, Kamal Patel and Lior Hod, are no strangers to the struggles of bringing an idea to the market. With their vision, they started ELLKAY in 2002 in the basement of Lior's home. Perseverance, collaboration, and mentorship were vital in the creation and future growth of the company. ELLKAY's leadership understands the impact on a city, community, and country when ideas are invested in and the potential that such innovation can have on the industry. In turn, ELLKAY wants to provide that same opportunity to assist creators in the Health IT market and provide them with the resources they need to accelerate the growth of their idea. LKHIVE provides entrepreneurs with a community focused on collaboration, innovation, and unique mentorship opportunities with leading industry experts such as ELLKAY's CIO Marc Probst.

"Entrepreneurial minds are constantly being stretched as new challenges face our healthcare market every day. With the events of the past year, we have seen, more than ever, that the time is now to support innovators whose products can solve real challenges. This begins with the innovators of tomorrow," said Shreya Patel, ELLKAY's Chief Innovation and Product Officer.

Now is the time to look outside our four walls to see what others envision or have already created. In the past year, unforeseen tragedies have struck the world's healthcare industry. At the same time, we have witnessed innovative solutions being developed and implemented that are having a true impact.

Marc Probst, CIO of ELLKAY and one of the champions of LKHIVE shared, "I have spent the last 25 years immersed in various segments of healthcare. My 17 years as CIO of Intermountain Healthcare showed me the value of having innovation as a central theme and focus of a company. Now at ELLKAY, and heading up this program, I am excited and eager to work with healthcare entrepreneurs to mentor, collaborate, and help guide the development of their solutions."

The launch of LKHIVE marks an opportunity for ELLKAY and its experienced team of leaders to not only maintain its mission for innovative solutions that support our nation's need for efficient, timely, and secure healthcare data exchange, but also to find those bright minds who will benefit from experienced collaboration to bring a product to market. At a time in which adaption is crucial, LKHIVE will drive the momentum of innovative solutions coming to market and secure forward progress.

For more information about joining LKHIVE, visit ELLKAY's website to apply today.


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