Migrate Legacy Clinical Data from an Existing EHR

EHR Data Extraction, Migration & Archiving

Retain access to patient data stored in legacy applications.

ELLKAY is the industry’s leading specialist in extracting, analyzing, and migrating data from one EHR to another reliably and accurately.

We partner with EHR companies to provide speed and accuracy with every migration regardless of source application.

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Discrete Legacy Data for Import into the New EHR

Leverage real-time historical clinical data access for trending views and clinical decision-making. ELLKAY provides data in a discrete, structured format for import to the new EHR.

Migrate your Clinical Data
  • Demographics
  • Appointments
  • Medications
  • Allergies
  • Immunizations
  • Problem Lists
  • Lab Results
  • Patient Notes
  • Scanned Items
  • Encounter Notes

Proven Migration Process

ELLKAY’s proven process reduces the pain of EHR data migration for every source application.

Streamlined Methodology
  • Dedicated project management to guide staff and ensure you meet go-live
  • Tools for cross-reference mapping
  • Proprietary conversion and testing utilities to ensure the integrity of legacy data
  • Processes built on experience spanning 15 years and 270+ EHRs

Seamless Migration and Archiving

Legacy data can be provided in a discrete, structured format for import to the new EHR and/or archived in LKArchive, our cloud-based, searchable data archive solution.
  • Cut Costs
  • Comply with Federal Regulations
  • Maintain Continuity of Care
  • Retain more data - as it was stored in the legacy application

Our dedicated teams are committed to your success.

Planning is key to the success of any project. ELLKAY’s proven methodologies and collaborative processes with our strategic vendor partners allow us to provide innovative, scalable solutions and services with speed, accuracy, and consistency.

Getting Started

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    Project Kick-off

    We connect with vendor and healthcare organization to define and set project expectations and timelines.

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    Data Discovery & Analysis

    We spend time evaluating your requirements, workflows, data, and applications, then confirm the scope.

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    Sample Migration & LKArchive Setup

    We perform a small data migration and archiving sample for your team to validate.

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    Iterative Testing

    We make sure you're happy with your data.

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    Pre-Go Live

    ELLKAY performs the full data migration & LKArchive delivery.

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    Go Live!

    Your data is available in LKArchive and, if applicable, ready for import into your EHR.

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    Post-Go-Live Extract & Migration

    We move any additional data recorded during the migration.

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