EHR Data Migration & Managed Services

Let ELLKAY Act as an Extension of Your IT Team

As leaders in clinical data migration, integration, and archiving, we are the trusted partner for EHR solution providers looking to streamline onboarding , offer clients a proven, cost-effective, stress-free data migration process, and add value to their EHRs with connectivity to other digital healthcare applications.   

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ELLKAY is about creating solutions and partnerships that empower their clients. They have the technology to provide laboratory connectivity with efficiency and are constantly innovating new solutions that work for us.

Arman Samani, AdvancedMD
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Focus on Growth  

With migration off your to-do list, you can direct your resources toward innovating your application and growing your customer base. 

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Onboard More Clients, Faster 

As an extension of your IT team, we’ll help you deploy at scale, allowing you to focus your resources on your solution while we handle your onboarding.

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Save on Internal Costs  

Don’t waste time, resources, or dollars building connectivity in house – leverage our 15 years’ experience extracting and migrating data from hundreds of EHRs. 

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Integrated Archive  

Empower clinicians with one-click access to all their legacy data – integrate a secure, cloud-based archive solution with your EHR via SSO.   

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Add Value to Your Solution

Achieve interoperability and streamline healthcare delivery for your clients with seamless connectivity between your EHR and other applications.  

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Happy Customers  

ELLKAY works with you to provide your clients a white-glove implementation process and a seamless transition to your application.

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