Patient Chart Collection Made Simple, Integrated, & Advanced

Close gaps in care, improve quality scores, & increase revenue with better risk scoring

Reduce the time, effort, and cost of medical record retrieval and chart review for risk adjustment, quality, and care management.

LKClinicalDataExchange makes it easy to request and collect member charts from physicians, accelerates the medical record review process, and streamlines payer-provider communication.
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Practices Connected


Patients Impacted


EHRs Connected

Support Risk Adjustment, Gaps in Care Closure, HEDIS®, Stars & More

One centralized dashboard for payers and providers share and centralize data, process charts, and communicate with ease.

Enterprise-wide Support
  • Enables providers to fulfill chart requests
  • Connects to disparate EHR systems to pull clinical data in real time
  • Normalizes and converts structured and unstructured data into a standard format
  • Enables data ingestion by other applications

Transform the Medical Record Review Process

Cut non-discrete chart processing time while increasing data quality to maximize Quality team efficiency and increase the quality of data.

  • Robust Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
  • Built-in data dictionaries expedite processing of HEDIS®, Stars, etc.
  • Improves efficiency and quality of MRR projects and eases supplemental data management

Easy-to-Use Provider Portal

Streamline payer-provider communication and workflows, simplify chart collection for providers, and accelerate medical record review.

  • Visibility and communication between payer and provider
  • Supports batched chart uploads
  • Seamless SSO Integration with your applications

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