EMR / PMS Software Providers

The government's "carrot-and-stick" approach has created urgency for EMR adoption in the healthcare industry. Provider organizations that do not have an EMR are actively interested in making a purchase, while organizations that have an EMR are looking to upgrade to a "Meaningful Use" compliant system.

Several factors slow down these adoptions. Practices that have already been using an EMR are concerned about migrating their old data; they do not want to maintain multiple systems and want all of their clinical data moved into the new system on day one. Practices that are using an EMR from one vendor and PMS from another are concerned about seamless connectivity between the two systems. Provider organizations want the flexibility to switch to a system that meets their needs.

While we are not an EMR company, our solutions are geared towards increasing EMR/PM system adoption by overcoming these challenges. Our partnerships with EMR/PMS vendors allow them to focus on building feature-rich systems and expedites the EMR/PMS implementation process. Our services and solutions include structured data migration, demographics/charges interface solutions, and laboratory orders & results interfaces via our hub connection.

Our proven interfacing solutions, years of experience and strong relationships with the nation's leading laboratories help EMR/PMS software providers acquire more clients while they give practices exactly what they need.

Practices of all sizes are now demanding that EMRs be connected to laboratory orders and results in order to satisfy "meaningful use." Partnering with ELLKAY allows EMR companies to connect to hundreds of labs via a single hub connection.

One hub connection connects you to all the laboratories
Speedy Interfaces at no cost to EMR companies

Some practices are comfortable using separate systems for their billing and clinical records. Physicians want these systems to talk to each other seamlessly. ELLKAY acts as a one-stop-shop to facilitate moving demographics from PMS to EMR and charges from EMR to PMS.

Add / Edit Patient Charts in PMS automatically updates EMR

Medical practices spend months researching, selecting, and implementing a new EMR. Each practice has unique requirements and should choose an EMR that satisfies their needs.

Practices can now have all their legacy patient and clinical data in a discrete, structured format in their new EMR system on day one.

"#1 Data Conversion Company in the U.S. Healthcare Market" - The AC Group

LKEMR-Archive is an easily searchable, read-only data archive solution for practices moving from one EMR to another. Data can be stored temporarily and moved to the new EMR later or, if needed, stored in LKEMR-Archive permanently.

Easy-to-Use, Simple, and Secure EMR Data Archive Solution

LKEMR-Archive for acute care gives hospitals and health systems the freedom to decommission discrete legacy systems, providing data from multiple disparate systems in one cloud-based archive solution that is connected to the EHR to achieve interoperability and deliver better patient care.

Decommission all your legacy systems and retain 100% of your data consolidated in one archive solution