Diagnostics Laboratories

Laboratories are facing unprecedented change as they shift to providing value-based service. With increasing IT demand and decreasing profit margins, laboratories are seeking connectivity partners that offer quality services and cost-effective solutions, and can be their one-stop-shop for all IT needs.

We understand how the increase in EMRs and electronic orders and results is reshaping the healthcare industry. Our comprehensive suite of products and services offer all the solutions laboratories need, including providing software to practices for electronic orders and results, connecting to practice EMRs for electronic results delivery, and cross-reference insurance mapping, as well as connectivity to patient demographic and insurance information.

We are committed to providing solutions that assist laboratories in increasing sales, differentiating, acquiring new accounts, and retaining existing accounts. Our dedicated team is an extension of their IT departments, helping labs of all sizes reduce bad debts and provide cutting-edge IT solutions.


A software interface that connects the physician EMR/PM system and the laboratory ordering system. It seamlessly pulls patient demographic and insurance information into the laboratory order, ensuring that practices never have to retype data that already exists in their EMR/PM system.

Our most popular connectivity solution built on our PMS / EMR expertise.
Capability: 550+ systems across 900+ versions


LKTransfer is the proven interface infrastructure solution for laboratories and physician practices. Offering much more than secure transfer of orders and results, it significantly increases the speed of implementation and management for installing and supporting interfaces.

Simple and Secure Orders and Results Interfaces
Monitor them anytime, anywhere


Built exclusively for anatomic pathology laboratories, LKConnect provides revolutionary body mapping that help laboratories increase sales, differentiate, and retain long-term accounts.

Feature-rich solution for electronic Orders and Results
Available for Dermatology, OB/GYN, GI, Urology and more


LKPrint is a one-click solution designed specifically for practices that prefer paper requisitions. Laboratories provide this interim solution to practices for error-free requisitions and 'Clean Orders'.

"Click and Print" paper requisitions in seconds


LKLiveMapping is a unique web-based solution that enables laboratories to manage, maintain, and cross-reference insurance codes, test codes, and LOINC codes via a web-based dashboard that provides an overview of code mapping across all physician offices.

Live Insurance Mapping Solution improves Laboratory operating efficiency, delivers a high first submission approval of claims, and improves collection.