HIE / ACO Solution Providers

In the last few years, we have seen a huge demand for clinical structured data from various healthcare organizations including ACO and HIEs. Their focus has either been analytics or intelligent solution around big-data ultimately leading to better patient-care.

It is a challenge for ACOs and HIEs to connect to thousands of individual practices for patient data. Developing the infrastructure and establishing connectivity to individual practices for data integration to track clinical and measurable patient data comes at a high cost, extensive resources and substantial amount of time. At other times, the complexity of various EMR/PM systems creates hiccups in collecting accurate, complete and useful data. Organizations developing patient registries often noted that the registries are only as good as the data contained in them.

For all these years, ELLKAY has accumulated extensive knowledge in connecting to virtually any EMR/PMS system and delivering computable structured data. Whether your company is looking for basic clinical data, appointments, charges, or a lot more - we act as a backbone to your organization and deliver structured clinical data.

Our infrastructure includes sophisticated tools that guarantee data extraction, identification of delta changes, and delivery of data with monitoring and alerts. Your company can now focus on patient-centered solutions including analytics, revenue management, impacts of intervention, and patient registries ultimately leading to reduced costs.

We are at the tip of this iceberg and we believe that ELLKAY is positioned for providing measurable clinical data in one structured format regardless of the underlying source system.


Accurate measurable clinical data is the foundation of population health management. LKPatientDataLink is a one-stop-solution for all your EMR connectivity and data acquisition requirements. Based on your needs, it extracts and securely delivers any delta records on a periodic basis.

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