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Simple and Secure Orders and Results Interfaces - Monitor them anytime, anywhere.

LKTransfer is the proven interface infrastructure solution for laboratories and physician practices. Offering much more than secure transfer of orders and results, it significantly increases the speed of implementation and management for installing and supporting interfaces.

Engineered by lab-industry specialists, feature-rich LKTransfer pre-processes and post-processes files to correspond to any workflow or interface. It eliminates the need to manage expensive VPN connections, inconsistent HL7 formats, or idiosyncratic EMR interface requirements.

ELLKAY diagram illustrating how LKTransfer performs HL7 Conversion and Compendium and Insurance Cross Reference Mapping within the transfer as orders and results are retrieved from and delivered to the physician offices


Centralized Dashboard

screenshot of orders and results in the dashboard

One of the most powerful tools, LKTransfer Dashboard, provides a convenient way to manage and track interfaces from any browser. Laboratories can now start/pause/stop interfaces or change configurations without calling physician practices. Users can see a live view of all transactions, broken down by each interface, and can drill-down into individual transactions.

  • Live snapshot of all interface activities
  • Remote configuration and schedule management
  • Powerful and easy tool to create and manage interfaces

Eliminate VPN

LKTransfer eliminates the hassle of maintaining VPN connections by using secure web services to facilitate orders and results delivery.

diagram of LKTransfer's web services eliminating VPN connections


  • TCP/IP
  • MLLP
  • Printer
  • FTP
  • Delivery of files into a folder


Secure HIPAA compliant transfers for all order and results between your lab and physicians' practices.

lock icon representing HIPPA-compliant transfers

All transmissions use SSL tunnel with secure RSA 2048 bit certificate.


LKTransfer Alerts notfying iOS & android

LKTransfer Alerts provide real-time predictive data analysis that will change the way everyone works in and out of the laboratory. It monitors all your interfaces and notifies you instantly when attention is required.

  • Are transfers stuck or taking too long?
  • Is the vital system down or working sporadically?
  • Is activity going out of control?
  • Are all units checked in and accounted for?

Built-in Scheduler

screenshot of transactions being scheduled remotely

Manage data transfers between your laboratory and each physician's

Full control of defining
days, times, and frequency
of data transfers.

Remote Configuration

Screenshot of remote configuration of EMR interfaces

Change physician interface configuration from a secure web browser.

Have full control of sending updates to physician practices.

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