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ELLKAY's Live Mapping Solution improves laboratory operating efficiency, delivers a high first-submission approval of claims, and improves collection.

LKLiveMapping is a unique web-based solution that enables laboratories to manage, maintain, and cross-reference insurance codes, test codes, and LOINC codes. It also provides on-demand mapping from third-party applications.

With growing connectivity, laboratories rely on physicians' EMR or Orders/Results interfaces to retrieve clean electronic orders with accurate patient insurance information. Laboratories are responsible for verifying this information by first identifying the correct insurance in their billing system, and then cross-referencing it with the insurance in the order. With several hundreds of EMR vendors in the country it is a huge challenge for laboratories to manage and verify insurance information. LOINC mapping allows laboratories to have centralized control of their test codes across all EMR interface implementation and speeds up the process of receiving clean orders.

LKLiveMapping gives control back to the laboratories, making it simple to manage code mapping for each practice with a significant increase in productivity and claims collection.




LKLiveMapping Dashboard screenshot

Web-based Dashboard provides overview of insurance mapping across all physician offices.

  • View new records and mapped records.
  • Change discontinued insurance codes with a single click across multiple offices.
  • Cross-referencing insurance codes is as easy as: viewing the entire record in the EMR/PM system, searching for the code, and matching it to your laboratory master record.
  • Monitors all insurances across over 550 EMR/PM systems and formats.
  • Captures physician offices updates and makes them available to laboratories for mapping.


Captures the date and time an insurance record is created, the individual who maps it, any changes in the mapping, and when the record is published to the physician office. It is available for insurance records in each physician office, and for laboratory master insurance records.

Batch Updates across Multiple Offices

Laboratory can update the mapping code across a batch of selected insurances with one click. New orders will automatically be routed using the new insurance code, providing the laboratory with complete control.

Web Services Integration for Interface Engines

Exposes secure Web Services that allow laboratory's interface engine and internal applications to make direct calls to the Live-Mapping cloud server and query for mapping codes.

  • Allows all mapping to be managed from one centralized location.
  • Eliminates the need for back-office cleanup of data for claims submissions.

Managing Internal Master Listings

Multiple personnel from multiple locations can centrally manage master listings on one server eliminating the need to manage excel files at numerous laboratory divisions.

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