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Decommission all your legacy systems and retain 100% of your data consolidated in one archive solution

LKEMR-Archive gives organizations the freedom to decommission discrete legacy systems, providing data from multiple disparate systems in one cloud-based archive solution that is connected to the EHR to achieve interoperability and deliver better patient care.

Growing hospitals, health systems, and practices are upgrading technology, integrating multiple systems, connecting providers, and migrating newly acquired practices to enterprise EHR systems. These organizations have accumulated years’ worth of important legacy data stored in disparate legacy systems. Hospitals can pay millions of dollars in annual operational costs to keep obsolete applications up and running in order for clinicians and health information management teams to maintain access to decades of legacy data. Furthermore, keeping multiple systems running in read-only mode hinders workflows, forcing staff to log into multiple systems to access important patient information to support clinical decision making at the point of care and for compliance, audits, and reporting. Partnering with ELLKAY allows you to cost-effectively decommission ALL your legacy systems and consolidate your data in one comprehensive, dynamic archive solution while providing your practitioners with centralized, instant, point-of-care access to historical patient data.

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“We would like to tell other FQHCs who are unsure about migrating their data — we were nervous too, but ELLKAY delivered and our data was successfully transferred.”
-Director of HIT at PCC Wellness Center, a Federally Qualified Health Center in Chicago, IL


Reduce 80% of Legacy System Costs

Maintaining data security and integrity becomes more complicated and expensive as legacy systems grow obsolete, and keeping legacy systems running to make this data accessible costs organizations millions of dollars a year in software and database licensing, infrastructure, servers and data storage, maintenance, massive IT support, operational staff and support contracts, user training, overhead and other fees.

Archiving patient records in an easily accessible archive solution reduces the burden on the new system and the risk of losing important data that cannot be converted, as well as decreases the cost of the overall project exponentially. These funds can be recouped to invest in innovative technology and applications that boost efficiency and improve processes throughout the organization.

Maintain Data Integrity

When it comes to protected health information, we understand your top priorities are data integrity and security. ELLKAY’s best practices and proven methodology has helped hundreds of organizations decommission systems every month with accuracy. Our proven, HIPAA-compliant archiving process, proprietary conversion engine and robust archiving tools ensure the integrity of data in each archive. ELLKAY migrates data in its original format and has developed 150+ proprietary tools to ensure data is intact. We ensure the success of all data migration projects with comprehensive iterative testing and quality assurance. We do not move forward until the client is completely satisfied with how their data appears in their archive.

An Easy-to-Use, Flexible Enterprise Solution

LKEMR-Archive, organized by patient chart, offers offers customizable flowsheets within the archive ensure that information from a variety of legacy systems is organized in an, meaningful way that fits into the user’s workflow, streamlining and supporting the natural, unique workflows of the various departments within health systems and hospitals. LKEMR-Archive’s clean, intuitive interface is incredibly easy to navigate, so end-user training typically takes less than thirty minutes.



Advanced Capabilities and Dynamic Flow

A simple, dynamic interface allows users to easily navigate a patient’s record. Whether you are an ER doctor who needs to view vitals over the course of a patient’s history, a surgeon in the OR, or a cardiologist who needs EKG results, LKEMR-Archive allows providers to view all the patient data they need during the patient encounter through one-click access from the EHR.

One of LKEMR-Archive's stand-alone benefits is the ability to search within documents across an archive using unstructured content search. ELLKAY archives all types of unstructured data (free text, pdf, image files, DICOM images and metadata, specialty-specific images and videos, fetal monitor strips, etc.) from one or more legacy EHRs/clinical information systems, and provides a Flow Sheet or Trending View of data (such as vital signs, lab results, etc.) from a variety of systems that are stored in the archive solution.

  • Full chart printing
  • Group printing
  • CCD and excel exports
  • Advanced querying of discrete data for clinical research and reporting
  • Easy retrieval of records/Release of Information (ROI)
  • Flagging documents
  • Add, edit, and amend records with full audit log
  • View, sort, and filter based on numerous criteria
  • Trending view for labs, vitals, etc.
  • Break the glass
  • Purge conditions

Patient data is always secure

  • Hosted with Rackspace™
  • HITRUST Certified
  • Rapid7 Certified
  • SOC 2 Compliant
  • Penetration testing
  • Authentication (SSO)
  • User Access Rights (RBAC)
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Cyber Insurance
  • Audit Trail
  • Hosted with Rackspace™
  • 24 x 7 Monitoring
  • HTTPS with 2048-bit encryption
LK EMR-archive keeps data secure and hippa-compliant

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