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For more than 15 years, LKBridge has provided vendor agnostic connectivity to 550 different systems across 900 different versions.

Physician offices often find themselves retyping patient demographic and insurance information into laboratory ordering systems while placing a laboratory order. This process is tedious, burdensome, and leads to inaccuracies.

LKBridge is a software interface that connects the physician EMR/PMS system and the laboratory ordering system. It seamlessly pulls patient demographic and insurance information into the laboratory order, ensuring that practices never have to retype data that already exists in their EMR/PMS system.

ELLKAY diagram of LKCloud: Any Device/Platform/Architecture. Practices advantages are: a better user experience/avoid retyping/saves time/easy to use.  Laboratories advantages are: Clean orders/Competitive advantage/faster payments/reduced depts.  LKBridge Smart Search API and Runtime Modules communicate to place patient demographic information in the requisition


Client Acquisition and Retention

two physicians with a plus sign representing client acquisition. text in image: "Satisfied physicians will not switch to a lab that does not offer a similar solution."

Acquiring and retaining practices in the laboratory business is very challenging LKBridge draws in new practices and increases client retention.

A bridge allows physicians to generate clean orders, enhancing and simplifying the experience of ordering tests from laboratories. Busy practices appreciate the ease and efficiency offered by ELLKAY bridges.


Any Architecture: server to server, client to server. Any Device: laptop, mobile, tablet, home PC. Any Platform: android, mac, windows, linux

LKCloud extends ELLKAY's suite of vendor agnostic connectivity products, making them securely accessible anytime from anywhere. Leveraging LKCloud-enabled solutions, laboratories can establish connectivity to physician office systems from any application regardless of physical location, network accessibility, or operating system.

  • Speedy implementations
  • Location agnostic
  • 24/7 secure access
  • Reduce the time significantly between ‘green-light’ and ‘go-live’
  • Platform independent (Web, iPad, Android, Windows, Mac, Linux, etc.)


Toolbox representing install base and other capabilities

LKBridge is an evolved connectivity solution with the largest install base in the country. Instead of establishing relationships with hundreds of vendors, laboratories can now work with ELLKAY as their one-stop-shop.

  • Install base of over 40,000+ practices
  • 550+ PM/EMR systems
  • 900+ different versions


diagram illustrating laboratory connecting to many EMR/EHR systems

Laboratory ordering systems can easily inherit connectivity to 500+ systems simply by integrating with LKBridge. Leading laboratories and outreach systems in the country already support native integration of LKBridge.

  • Simple and easy integration
  • Average install time < 1 week
  • Various secure web-services allow integration across multiple platforms.

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