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EMR Data Extraction and Conversion

"#1 Data Conversion Company in the U.S. Healthcare Market" - The AC Group

Medical practices can spend months researching, selecting, and implementing a new EMR. Each practice has unique requirements and should choose an EMR that satisfies their needs. Once a new EMR is selected, the challenge becomes how to import legacy data into the new EMR or how to keep legacy data accessible without burdening the new EMR.

Many practices want their existing legacy patient data incorporated into the new EMR system from day one. To accomplish this, data from the old system must be extracted and converted to the new EMR's format.

Now it's easy to migrate all legacy clinical data from an existing EMR.

ELLKAY makes the data conversion involved in EMR migration seamless, cost-effective, and stress-free. We are the industry's leading specialist in extracting, evaluating, and converting existing clinical data from one EMR system to another. We do not sell EMR systems; we partner with EMR companies to deliver on the challenging task of migrating all of your existing legacy data over to the new EMR, providing speed and accuracy with every conversion regardless of the source system.




ELLKAY has experience extracting and converting data from over 160+ EMR and 550+ PM systems. The depth of our experience means that we have developed additional modules for specialties such as cardiology, pediatrics, and more.

  • Consistent format regardless of source EMR system
  • Demographics
  • Allergies
  • Medications
  • Problem List
  • Patient Histories
  • Vital Signs
  • Immunizations
  • Lab Results
  • Scanned Items
  • Encounter Notes
Additional Modules Available

Proven and Cost-Effective

Our dedicated EMR conversion team specializes in extracting, analyzing, and converting clinical data in any format from virtually any source PMS/EMR system.


We understand that physicians have their hands full. Let ELLKAY do all the heavy lifting to successfully meet your go-live date, while you continue to focus on patient care

Specialized Expertise

Our dedicated EMR conversion team offers highly customized data extraction and conversion services based on your needs. We convert more data in discrete format than any other conversion company

Conversion Structure

With our transparent and proven methodology, we successfully help hundreds of practices switch their EMR system every month and, if necessary, offer tools for cross-reference mapping, testing and project management.

Discrete Legacy Data Available in an Archive Solution

Retire Your Legacy System with Low-Cost Solution

Comply with Federal Regulations

Maintain Continuity of Care


ELLKAY provides the cost-effective option to store legacy data for practices upgrading to any system, eliminating the need to import clinical data.

LKEMR-Archive is a cloud-based solution that stores all your legacy EMR data in an easily accessible, searchable, read-only archive that is organized by patient chart. No internal servers, no network configuration, no VPN tunnels.

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